The PRLA is determined to establish a competition and have domestic players based in Portugal.

In April 2007, PRLA president met senior rugby union officials to establish links between the rugby league and rugby union sporting bodies.

Through hard work and the right channels, the PRLA is looking at 2009 as a possible start date for rugby league in Portugal.

Working in with the rugby union, the PRLA is looking at the month of June for their competition, which will take place over one weekend, followed by a possible match against an invitational touring nation.

It is expected a team will be selected from the Portugal competition to play in the international and tour Italy for the Italian Nine’s held on the third weekend in June.

More details will follow as they come to hand.

Once established in Portugal, the rugby league would compete under the Rugby League European Federation (RLEF) banner in championships and World Cup qualifiers.

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Pictured above (from right to left) Francisco Martins (Portugal rugby union manager), Mal Speers (PRLA president), Tomaz Morias (Portugal rugby union coach)

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